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Auto Show 2019 at BKC, Mumbai – ४०० व्हेइकल्स का अनोखा प्रदर्शन

Witness the Auto Show 2019 at BKC organised by WIAA on occasion of Centenary Year celebrations.

Have a look at some of the 400 magnificent mean machines and timeless beauties at the biggest auto show of Supercars and Superbikes and Vintage Cars and Vintage Bikes for the first time in India. The main attraction in the vintage car section are the Benz Patent Motorwagen replica, along with an 1896 Ford and a 1903 Humber Humberette. Included among the vintage bikes display are a number of BSAs, Nortons and Triumphs; whereas the superbike class is packed with powerful entries such as the Kawasaki ZX-14R, Suzuki Hayabusa and more. McLaren Senna and the LaFerrari were the showstoppers.

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